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My Research

Image by Dan Dimmock

Have you taken a DNA test for ancestry?
Are you a member of an online group?
Then this research may interest you! 

Did you have surprising results? Did joining an online group help you understand your results or provide valuable information? Have your research and test results impacted how you view yourself and society in general?

This research explores these questions and more. I want to examine how information from DNA ancestry testing as well as information sharing in genealogy online groups have impacted self perception and inclusivity in todays society. If you would like to learn more or participate in the research, please take the survey.

The Research 

The goal of this research is to assess information sharing in genealogy online communities and to better
understand the extent to which genealogy testing information impacts or affects diversity, inclusivity, and self-perception.

To be eligible to participate you: 

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Must have taken a DNA test for ancestry.

  • etc.)or group (on Facebook, blog, genealogy online community Must be a member of a 

  • Must be able to read English

This research survey is being conducted under the guidance of the Palmer School of Library & Information Science at Long Island University.

Image by Louis Reed
Take the survey

Participate in the research

Take the survey and enter to win one of five $20 Amazon gift cards!

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