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Genetic Genealogy: The Research

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Welcome to My Journey!

I am a educator, librarian and lover of genealogy. I created this blog to document and share my research journey as I explored the impact of genetic genealogy on society. This site also serves as a platform for promotion and distribution of my research survey.

My hope is that as you journey with me, we will both learn more about our ancestral history and appreciate how our genetics have created the talented, diverse society that we all are a part of.

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The Beginning

I began pursuing a degree in information studies. As I approached the dissertation stage, I began to consider how I could integrate my love for both genealogy and information studies into a research topic.

I decided to focus on information behavior. Specifically how new genetic genealogy information is adopted and the impact genealogy-based online communities have on this adoption.

Next Steps

The survey and data collection has begun. I used Meta Business platform (Facebook, Instagram ads) to promote and distribute the survey. This method was chosen because of the unique research target, individuals who have taken a DNA test for ancestry and who are also a part of an online community. Meta ads offered the best option to reach this target population.

As this journey continues, I will share updates, as well as resources I have found helpful in my journey. I invite you to leave comment, feedback or questions. To keep updated, subscribe to my blog. If you wish to participate in the research, I invite you to take the survey.


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